Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Wellingtonian

Let us observe the Wellingtonian in their natural environment; a musical concert hall. 
A female member of the species enters the concert hall. 
She wears her hair in a manner common to people in this environ, called "dreadlocks".
She sits down at the front of the concert hall. 
Watch carefully what happens next. 

The people sitting behind her are suddenly unable to view the stage. 
What will the girl do? 
Watch closely.

She attempts to "squash" the dreadlocks down to a more reasonable height. 
No easy task.

The dreadlocks now protrude from her head in a perpendicular manner. 
The people behind her can see the performer again, 
and peace and harmony is restored to the concert hall. 

A fascinating insight into the world of this curious species.

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