Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My favourite parts of movies are most definitely the montage scenes.

Montage scenes have so many valuable functions:

- Helping two people get to know each other in less than three minutes.
- Helping somebody get over heartbreak in less than three minutes.
- Turning a geek (or a pretty girl with glasses on) into a prom queen (usually by taking her glasses off) in less than three minutes.
- Turning Baby from a bad dancer into a good dancer, in less than three minutes. 

So.  Very.  Good.

Of course, in real life the characters aren't actually experiencing a montage scene.
They have to live through all the boring bits too.
(Oh, I know what you're thinking.  In real life the characters don't exist.  Well let me tell you, Baby and Johnny are alive in my heart.  ALIVE.)

But today, I suddenly had the sense that I was living in a montage scene.
I was running on a treadmill watching Bobby Brown dancing in shoulder pads when it dawned on me. 

Winter was turning into SPRING.  I was doing EXERCISE.  I was making LISTS of things to do, and then DOING THEM.  I was reading books to EXPAND MY MIND.  I was overtaking queues of cars on my scooter and NOT FEELING BAD ABOUT IT.  I was SINGING to myself as I walked along the street.   
And (the clincher) the electric guitar riff from THE FINAL COUNTDOWN had been in my head for over a week!  It had all the makings of a montage scene!  It was definitely a montage scene!       

Just slower, and without the dishwashing scenes edited out.  

[to experience my montage scene, click here and then look at the following pictures, over and over, for less than 3 minutes]    


Brooke said...

Wow! That music really did the trick. Even vacuuming the floor looked EPIC!!!

Todd said...

brooke - like this?