Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rain or shine

I like rain. 

I like the feeling of excitement when the air suddenly changes just before a downpour.

I like to sit inside and look out at the raindrops.

I like to walk in the rain.

I like going to sleep to the sound of the rain. 

I like how the air feels when it's finished raining.  All sparkly and clean. 

And I love how rain makes me so grateful for the moment when the sun comes out again.

Perhaps there are some deep and profound analogies I could draw from this moment. 
But in that moment, I find I don't need the profound anymore. 

All I need is that simple feeling of warmth on my face.  A sparkly clean little moment of gratitude.

That's what I like best about rain.


Pilgrim said...

I also love the rain. The best thing is you get to stay inside and play boardgames!
But it is a pity when you don't sleep on a top floor as you can't fall asleep with the pitter patter on the roof.

Anonymous said...

Oh that moment before the storm. That's the best moment.