Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pulling teeth

Last night I had a nightmare that a giant tooth fell out of my mouth.

And then another one.  Two giant teeth.  Out.

According to the dream experts, losing a tooth in a dream may (or may not) symbolise:
- a fear of death and growing older (who me?)
- a preoccupation with mortality (never!)
- an inability to make decisions (not sure about that one...)
- a fear of change (ooh, I hope not.)

It was clearly nothing to do with me.
And so I went on my merry way without giving it another thought.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Once I had a dream all my teeth fell out. At first I was all, like, "Oh ro! My teef!"
But it was quite a lucid dream, and I thought losing teeth might symbolise something negative and that I could fix it, so I scooped up all my teeth and held them tight and sent positive thoughts to them and the teeth began to glow with a goldern light. Then I ate the teeth.
Suddenly, I had teeth again and I felt better.