Sunday, May 29, 2011


0 days to go!  I'm going to Rarotonga today! 

My bag is packed (it was a reasonably quick process).

If there's one thing I've learnt from past travel experiences, it's to have realistic expectations. 
So this time, I will not entertain any wild fantasies.

I will simply get onto the plane, looking like this:

And then return to New Zealand in ten days, looking like this:


But in order to transform into this person, I'm going to have to do lots of this:

Which means I will be very very busy. 

So I won't be posting any Anna-grams while I'm gone.
(Hopefully this doesn't cause me to react like this...)

But when I get back, you can be assured that you will be inundated with paradisical island drawings starring the newer, browner, more islandesque version of my former self.  

(Hopefully you'll still like me when I'm sickeningly perfect)



Tracey said...

from your beauty school attendee: please wear an spf uva/uvb broad spectrum 30+ and reapply every couple of hours - we don't want to speed up the ageing process!=)

chameleon said...

in the spelling contest we have gemma= 1
anna= 723
(i spotted a typo- foolproof!)

Anonymous said...

You had to pack wine to go to Rarotonga? Why is that?

Sharolyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharolyn said...

oops I just removed my comment because it was silly and I was ill-informed about Rarotonga :) I now know that it is in the Cook Islands.