Saturday, June 18, 2011


What is with this Western obsession with cats?  Why do videos of kittens jumping into paper bags get millions of hits on the internet?  Why does my flatmate Jaime laugh hysterically at videos of kittens jumping into paper bags on the internet?

Some things in this life are truly a mystery.

Our cat Molly is annoying.  She wakes me up early in the morning scratching on the door.  She leaves white fur on my black stockings.  She leaves half-eaten rats on the carpet for innocent people to step on.  She stares at me in the bath.  She doesn't eat cockroaches.

And she never lifts a finger around the house.   

But my flatmates reward her constantly with physical affection.  Even though I have just done the dishes, taken out the rubbish, and have very tight shoulders.

So no, Molly and I do not always "gel". 

And yet, for some unfathomable reason...

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