Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Go to Sleep

I have a friend called Hula Hope.
(Hula Hope is a pseudonym).
(I also have a friend who once confused pseudonym with psychopath).
(Hula Hope is not a psychopath).

A while back she asked me to make a music video for one of her songs.
So I did.     
(And yes, if she asked me to jump off a bridge, I would probably do that too.  That's the power of her music).

So here it is, without further ado...the world premiere of "Go to Sleep", by Hula Hope (produced by Urbantramper).

We hula-hope you like it.   


Tush said...


Robbie :D said...

So SO good!
You have more artistic talent up your sleeve than you probably are aware of ;)

Anonymous said...

amazing editing...

Tukituki Instruments said...

Great collaboration this is really choice! Well done Anna Eli and Lake!

Adrienne said...

you are SO clever Anna.

Sumi said...

stop being so wonderful. It simply makes me miss you guys even more than I do. x