Saturday, April 9, 2011

Doctor doctor

Today I saw my friend Mike.  He has become a doctor in the months since I last saw him.

Because I knew him back when he was a normal person, I try not to treat him any differently. 

And I resist the urge to show him the dodgy freckle on my arm.  I bet doctors hate it when you do that.

Instead, I ask him normal questions about his new job. 

(He wasn't really wearing a stethoscope)
(He wasn't even wearing a doctor's coat)
(Ooh.  A new system for checklists.  I just love making checklists with little boxes..)
(..and then ticking them off.  And the first item is always "make a list", just so I can check that off straight away.)
(I'm going to use them anyway.  The first one will be "Use secret doctor check boxes".  I'll colour that one in right away.)
(If I were a doctor, I'd want everyone to know it)
(I'm going to call him "Dr Mike" behind his back anyway.  Maybe I'll put that on my check list too.  Ha!)


Bing said...

Secret doctor code is the best thing about being a doctor.

kaybee said...

If I were a Dr, and wanted the butter while I was having toast..I'd say 'Anna, can you please pass me the butter, STAT!'