Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in the country

For Easter some friends and I went for a night away at the utopian country residence of Will and Steffen.

We went to sleep on an air mattress in their lounge, underneath a beautiful old grandfather clock.
The clock chimed, not just on the hour, but every fifteen minutes, all night long.
That's the kind of thing that would drive you nuts in the city.
But not in the country!
In the country, it has a rustic charm.

The next day, Will and Steffen took us for walk through the countryside to see some pretty elm trees.
This is another thing that distinguishes the country from the city.
In the city, you walk past a group of trees on your way somewhere.  But in the country, you walk past somewhere on your way to a group of trees.  

On the way, we stopped to admire some pigs at a farm.   
The farmer came to the door of his little red house and yelled out that we could feed them licorice if we wanted.  It was in a plastic bag next to the gate.
We did.  Country folk are so generous to their animals.
Then I ate some of the licorice too.  Country folk are so generous to me.
And they don't even know it.

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