Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A sunny day, a scientific day

One of those rare perfect sunny days in Wellington. 

I spent my sunshine hours making scientific observations, which I have graphed for clarity:

Conclusions: there is a strong positive relationship between sunshine and singing.  As sunshine levels increase, singing levels increase.  It is highly likely the relationship is causitive.   

And now for the qualitative evidence:

This little child was doing the air guitar solo to Eye of the Tiger. 
Even school children are pleasant on sunny days! 

Thus I would also postulate that as sunshine levels increase, annoyance caused by school children decreases.  

Fascinating.  Further research is required.

(Today it is grey again.  I have not yet heard any singing.  I have already been annoyed by school children.) 


Unknown said...

Only the children are outside and not boxed up in a classroom!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anna, you've inspired me to get drawing.